Structure and installation of Wire raceway bearing
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Structure and installation of Wire raceway bearing

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Wire raceway bearing, there have been more than three decades, beginning in China are just some of a number of research institutes and exploratory research, mainly for military purposes.

Rolling wire raceway modern circular knitting machine in most applications and most mature of a class support structure. It is characterized by a very small cross-sectional area occupied. There are two kinds of metric and imperial section. In general, the use of isolation between the ball and the ball nylon band separated. When the machine is running, the ball along the four corners of the wire rolling on the circumference of the fixed runway. Small cross-section so that the machine can be designed to be very compact this support structure. Wire raceway bearing the biggest advantages is suitable for large diameter rotary machine and require low power consumption, this just to meet the requirements of circular knitting machine drive.

The most typical Wire raceway bearing structure is surrounded by three entity type structure. It generally consists of a fixed large table body, cartridge holder and the clamping ring gear three entities activities would Wire raceway bearing a square cross-section surrounded in the middle. If a square cross-section of the ball as the center of this structure, then according to the clamping ring with respect to the placement of the ball and the center of the syringe is different this support structure can be divided into: on the inside of the pressure ring; pressure on the outside ring; under pressure inside ring; the lateral pressure ring four forms.

However, adjustment and replacement Wire raceway bearing convenience, it is surrounded by all three entities of formula Wire raceway bearing structure in the best case in point. This structure is not only adjustment Wire raceway bearing clearance is very convenient, just loosen the screws, replace the gasket thickness can be. Moreover, the need to replace Wire raceway bearing time, no need to open any other parts can easily be unloaded compression ring, and quickly re-install bearing wholesalers  the new Wire raceway bearing.

Wire raceway bearing structure and use the same way as a normal slewing ring, and as ** Wire raceway bearing and having a common rotary bearing incomparable advantages, such as: light weight, simple structure, installation space is small, easy to replace and low maintenance costs , but also bearing manufacturers  has the basic functions of rotary bearing to withstand axial and radial loads, but also can withstand a certain overturning moment, therefore, Wire raceway bearing in certain occasions, can completely replace ordinary light slewing ring, to achieve common rotation support can not achieve results.

Wire raceway bearing widely used in aerospace, radar pedestal, medical equipment, aerial China bearings photography, tanks turret base, textile machinery and trailers base and other occasions.

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