Maintenance of automotive wheel bearings
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Maintenance of automotive wheel bearings

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Company: WuXi JOBST BEARING CO.,LTD Located in WuXi, China, JOBST Bearings is a leading bearing manufacturer that only offers the latest, state of the art ball bearings and roller bearings around the world. From miniature bearings to huge heavy industry bearings, we're committed to providing our customers with only the best.


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Wheel bearing is important automotive parts. Wheel bearings reduce friction responsible for chassis operation, and maintain normal car driving task. If a wheel bearing failure, may result in noise, bearing fever and other phenomena, in particular the front wheel is more obvious, easily lead to loss of control and dangerous direction. Thus, the wheel bearings must be maintained on schedule. Bearing manufacturers and bearing wholesalers will also tell you this.


Before removing the wheel, the hub should be prepared to care preparations, parked the car and set up a bridge, in order to ensure the maintenance of safe operation. Remove the decorative wheel spindle head cover, dust cover Remove the wheel nuts and tire, be careful not to bruise the tire bolt threads. If the disc brakes, the brake should be removed, and then the needle-nose pliers to remove the lock ring or latch. use special tools to remove the wheels. scrape bearings, journal and hub cavity old grease, cleaning agents and cleaning wheel bearing journal and dry with a cloth, and finally with a cloth to wipe the hub cavity. Check the wheel bearings and the bearing ring, a crack is found, roller bearing fatigue spalling and loose so on, should replace the bearings. If you find black spots on the bearing seat, the bearing should be replaced. check the situation with the inner diameter of the bearing and journal, with the gap should be less than 0.10mm, the journal should be measured perpendicular to the upper and lower portions (where the largest wear parts) measurements. When combined with the use of the gap exceeds a predetermined limit, replace the bearing, so back to normal with the gap slots. Processing in the journal allowed to narrow the gap. until all parts are in line with requirements, will be placed in the rear wheel hub bearing grease smear. Should Apply grease to the bearing cavity attention should be squeezed into the bearing grease until the grease from the other side of the bearing to emerge so far. In the hub cavity and shaft bonnet Apply a thin layer of grease to make it function as rust. Note that the hub cavity do not apply too much grease, otherwise it will affect the cooling and braking. hub and the outer bearing back onto the journal, hand axis head adjustment nut, then use wrench shaft torque required to tighten the adjusting nut. After tightening the nut should be turning left and right wheel a few times to see if the bearing installation; on the other hand, by turning the bearing race and the correct fit. At this time bearing the proper tightness, wheels rotate freely and not feel axial clearance. finally followed by installation of the locking plate, fixing nut, tires, dust cover and other parts of the decorative cover. Will live hub bearing adjusted, with some miles (about 10km), stop and check, hand wheel test temperature, if fever, is caused by too tight bearing adjustment, readjust, loosen bearing appropriate tightness.


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