China bearing manufacturer tell you how to check grease
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China bearing manufacturer tell you how to check grease

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Company: WuXi JOBST BEARING CO.,LTD Located in WuXi, China, JOBST Bearings is a leading bearing manufacturer that only offers the latest, state of the art ball bearings and roller bearings around the world. From miniature bearings to huge heavy industry bearings, we're committed to providing our customers with only the best.


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Bearing are usually lubricated with grease during operation, in order to provide better performance to use. This can reduce the degree of friction and temperature. If the grease is deteriorated, not only would not benefit, the use of bearing more unfavorable. So we must learn how to tell if the grease has changed in the purchase of grease. Good China bearings use import bearing grease/oil.

As bearing manufacturers and bearing wholesalers, qnalyzing grease deterioration method:

1. Take two cups, one containing lubricating oil to be checked, the other empty on the table, the cup will be filled with lubricating oil held high 30-40 cm away from the desktop and tilt, allow oil to flow slowly empty cup, observe the flow, when good quality lubricating oil flow should be thin, uniform, continuous, if there is oil flow unsteadiness, and sometimes there are chunks shed, it said that the lubricating oil has gone.

2. Lift the lubricant twist between the thumb and index finger repeatedly grinding, good oil lubricity hand feel, less wear debris, friction-free, if they feel a greater sense of friction like sand between your fingers, it indicates impurities within the lubricating oil can not be reused and should be replaced with new oil.

3. On a clear day, the lubricating oil lifted with a screwdriver, angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal. Control the sun, to observe the situation of oil droplets, in the light, you can clearly see the lubricating oil is no good wear debris may continue to effect, if too much debris, replace oil.

4. Take a clean white filter paper, drip a few drops on filter paper, until lubricant leakage, if the surface of black powder, astringent sense of touch there is resistance, then the lubricating oil which has a lot of impurities, good lubricating powder-free, hand feels dry and smooth, and the yellow marks.

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