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Manufacturing process

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In order to meet customers’ various needs, we are trying to make even better products and proceed with product development useful for the next generation, utilizing our advanced technical innovation and rich experience as a manufacturer at our technical, production and sales departments.
Full traceability: due to batch identification systems. Significant reduction in friction,thereby saving energy and thus helping to preserve our environment.
SPC controlled quality system: all processes are subjected to stringent quality SPC control procedures.
Manufacturing process                        Manufacturing process
CNC turning equipment: guarantees close dimensional and geometrical tolerances plus a stable surface quality.
Aichelin heat treatment line: computerized tempering and quenching processes guarantee an optimum microstructure with uniform grain structure and thus steady quality.
Manufacturing process                        Manufacturing process
CNC precision grinding machinery: high dimensional and geometrical accuracy with fine surface finish.
CNC superfinishing equipment: controlled low stress surface finish with ultra-low surface roughness.
Manufacturing process                        Manufacturing process
Experienced engineers: rich experience and knowledge in bearing manufacturing with a focus on high quality.
Manufacturing process                        Manufacturing process


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