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Bearing failure analysis

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Jobst presents a wide range of bearings, suitable for different applications, and trying to fulfill the costumers’ needs. However, we always try to improve the bearing catalogue, and keep on working in developing and adding new references, and specially investing in research and investigation.


That is why, because of that continuous research, when standard bearings are not the optimum to fulfil the requirements of the customer application, we are capable of offering optimized designs for their needs.


Our engineers offer qualified support developing tailor made bearing solutions with our customers. We work hardly along with our costumers selecting the right bearings, the special seal design, the specific coating, the suitable lubricants, etc.


Bearing failure analysis      Bearing failure analysis


We has a well-equipped mechanical engineering laboratory that is available to our customers for precise measurements of mechanical characteristics of bearings, other components and assemblies. Much of the equipment used has been developed in-house to meet demanding measurement requirements.



★ Starting, average, peak-to-peak torque values

★ Bearing brinelling

★ Contamination

★ Raceway misalignment

★ Retainer drag

★ Lubricant fill and quality


★ Bi-directional torque and Kt analysis


★ Axial, radial (2-mode) measurement of resonance profile over 100Hz to 20KHz

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